15 Organizing Projects in 15 Minutes or less!

Decluttering and organizing a whole room or a whole house can seem too hard or overwhelming, right? But if you can identify little 15 minute chunks of time, here are 15 mini-organizing projects to get you on your way.

organizing quick tips

(These time chunks might be found while waiting for your kids to finish their homework, get ready for lacrosse practice, while you’re waiting for the pizza delivery guy…..)

  • Go through as many books as you can and pull out any you have owned for 6+ months but never read OR that you know you won’t reread
  • Whiz through your fridge door for expired or never used condiments
  • Still have baby spoons and sippy cups but your kids are in middle school? Clear ‘em out!
  • Grab a trash bag and clear out the wrappers, traveler cups, and Starbucks cup sleeves from your car!
  • Go through your desk and toss any nubby pencils and pens that have dried out
  • Take an honest look at your cosmetics – toss any colors and products you can’t remember when you last wore!
  • Donate 5 pieces of clothing that either don’t fit or that you don’t make feel good
  • Check the expiration dates on all of your over-the-counter meds! Don’t forget the first aid stuff like Neosporin!
  • Pull out 5-10 books your child has long outgrown
  • Toys that are obviously broken? Gather ‘em all up!
  • Pull out and recycle all those chargers for phones you no longer have!
  • That basket of catalogs? Toss all but the most current versions
  • Unsubscribe from as many unwanted newsletters and shopping sites as you can
  • Grab up all those hotel toiletries and drop them off at a women’s shelter
  • Corral those loose spice and flavoring packets in the pantry into a basket or bin
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  1. I think these are some great tips. They would all benefit me in some way. I just recently got rid of some books. Those that I knew I wouldn’t read again. I try to clear out some books every time I get new ones.

    • That’s one of my favorite tidbits – the one in, one out rule! If you’re heavily cluttered, you can make it one in, TWO out.

      Good for you!

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