Before & After: Playroom

Another fun Before & After to share with you!

I was contacted by a busy working mom-of-three who’d come across me on Twitter. As part of her job, my client receives a ton of toys, on a nearly daily basis. Slowly but surely, her kids’ playroom had become overrun with toys, toys, and more toys. Check out the Before photo!


Cluttered with no room to play!

We got right to work and started sorting all of the toys into three categories: Keep, Donate, or Trash.  Anything soiled or broken clearly went into trash, as did games or toys with missing pieces.  Outgrown toys and any toys that weren’t played with went into the Donate pile.

How proud was I? My client was able to donate 10 large trash bags of toys to Goodwill – plus a large PlaySkool picnic table.

The Goodwill drop-off staff was very happy to see me drop by!

Now, that’s a Goodwill donation!

A little of tweaking the next day, and check out the final ‘product’ – a large, cleared, organized playroom that the kids can happily play in again!


Wow! It’s playtime again!

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