We gotta talk about your garage…

Because of what I do for a living, I spend quite a bit of time driving through a wide variety of neighborhoods. In almost every one,  I always see  houses where the cars are parked in the driveway, and in many instances, you can see through the garage windows, and you know why the cars are outside. Clutter! The cars literally can’t fit inside the garage!

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This look familiar?

The negative effects of this are several:

–          Parking your car outside can take a toll on its paint job, which can look pretty bad and reduce the trade-in or resale value of your car.

–          If parking in your driveway is against the rules of your homeowners’ association, you can start receiving warning letters and fines.

One more big reason? Let’s say you’re paying a $1500/month mortgage on a 2500 square foot house. With the average two-car garage being 500 square feet, you’re paying $3600 per year – just in storage!

That’s $300 a month – for storing stuff that you put in the garage because you don’t really use it!

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