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After a brief stint as an incredibly messy kid, Suzanne Willett, a.k.a. the Clutterninja, discovered the joy that comes from decluttering, re-purposing items, and finding different ways to organize almost anything. In 20 years of operational management in the retail and HR/staffing industries, Suzanne honed her skills organizing both products and people – from incoming furniture shipments to large staffing initiatives.

Looking to turn her passion for organization and simpler living into a career, she expanded from organizing projects for friends and family to creating Clutterninja. Her favorite part of organizing homes and home offices? Hearing clients excitedly share how working with Clutterninja has saved them time, money, and stress! An Atlanta area resident since 1992, she currently lives with her long-term boyfriend, John, his wonderful daughter, and a rescue mutt named Seamus. When not organizing, she can frequently be found at a local dog park or on her yoga mat.

Questions for the Clutterninja:

What would you say are your favorite organizing products?

I’d have to say the Cable Tidy Box, for one. We’re surrounded by technology these days, which means we’re dealing with more and more cables and chargers. The Cable Tidy Box corrals all of them, blends into most decor, and still allows easy access when necessary. I’m one of those people who like all their technology hidden away, for the most part.

Another favorite is IKEA’s Kallax series, which used to be the Expedit series. Many people still think of IKEA as being ‘disposable’ furniture, but I’ve used these units a million different ways, in both tiny homes and multi-million dollar estates. They’re just so versatile!

Who is your typical client?

The vast majority of my clients are busy working moms who just need help creating systems that reduce stress and clutter in their homes, Boomers who are downsizing or needing help with their parents’ inherited stuff, or someone who’s just moved and is too busy to unpack at their new house. I even helped one couple set up the nursery for their soon-to-be-born baby – how exciting! One of the biggest misconceptions about professional organizers is who we work with! And that we only work with ‘hoarders’, when most organizers have never have! While I’ve partnered with colleagues on some hoarding jobs and have appeared on ‘Hoarders’ on A&E twice, the vast majority are folks like I’ve mentioned.

What are some things people might be surprised to learn about you?

Ooh, let’s see. I’m a big animal lover. I’ve been known to show up with treats for your dog, or a new mouse toy for your cat. Speaking of cats, I was just recently able to cross something off of my Bucket List – snuggling with a month-old lion cub. Holy cuteness!

I also love to hike up in the north Georgia mountains, and I do so with a fantastic group of women, the Trail Dames. I’m planning to section-hike all of Georgia’s piece of the Appalachian Trail this fall! But I won’t backpack – I love my clean bed and hot showers!

What sets you apart from other organizers?

Great question! While I’m very serious about helping my clients reach their goals, I’m also a bit irreverent and love to make our projects fun! So many people have really high anxiety about hiring an organizer and thinking they’ll be judged. No way! The first thing I want to do is put a new client at ease, and let them realize I’m a real person, my home isn’t perfect either, and that I’m there to HELP. Which is ultimately why I became a professional organizer.

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