How to Have a Low-Stress Move

Clutterninja Note: Throughout November and December, I’ll be sharing guest posts written by friends and organizing colleagues. Enjoy!

How to Have a Low-Stress Move

by Suzanne Holsomback

I recently moved, both internationally in 2014 and inside the state of Texas in 2015. Both moves had their unique set of stressors, remedies, and outcomes.

The international move demanded a purge like none that I have ever experienced in my life. Some things I was not ready to part with yet, but they had to go since we were paying for the move in weight. Yes, my four 3″ ring binders full of readings and notes had to go to the recycling bin.

My in-state move was less weight dependent, but needed to fit into our rental truck and able to move with just two people. I was also moving during the remnants of a massive hurricane that smashed into Mexico – so basically boat loads of rain. And let me tell you, if you’re going to rent a moving van, make sure it is waterproof. Soggy book boxes make everyone unhappy!

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But after these two mega moves, I wanted to share with you some thoughts on how to have a less stressful move. A stress free move is pretty much like a unicorn – lovely, hoped for, but not real!

My handy tips for a lower stress move:

PREPARE yourself and family for the move by getting each member of your family to dream about what they want their new space to be like. Even collect pictures on Pinterest or a vision board. It helps get everyone excited and can give ownership of the process to each member of the family.

PURGE!!!!!!!! Please, for the love of all things from the Container Store, DO NOT MOVE WITHOUT PURGING. I beg of you. You will save yourself thousands (yes $$$$) if you purge before you move. I’ve unpacked trashcans full of trash, so please, purge first. If you don’t know where to start in purging, call a friend/family member/professional organizer and they will help you in this process. Sometimes it is as simple as opening one drawer and beginning.

THINK about what is in your current space and then where you want items in your new space. Then collect items that will go together in the new space, boxes them together, and label the box on where it needs to go. Then when it is moved, it goes in its new home and you can just unpack it in the room it will now live.

PURCHASE your supplies ahead of the big pack. Buy a little extra of boxes, tape, packing paper, and bubble wrap. Some moving companies will buy it back if not used. This will help you by having all your supplies ready, so you’re not digging through other people’s trash at 10pm. I’ve been there and done that and I don’t suggest it.

WORK in advance and in priority zones. If packing your house in one day isn’t doable, break down the project into priority zones. What is the least used items in your home and start packing there, well in advance of your move. This way, they are all boxed and ready and you can pack the most frequently used items closer to your move date.

FILL boxes purposefully. Arrange things so they fit well and will use the box space to its fullest. This also ties nicely with the THINK point above. Packing boxes diligently will save space in the moving vehicle and money since you won’t unnecessarily use boxes and tape.

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NUMBER the boxes and keep an inventory of what is inside, then store the printed list in an opaque folder or ring binder. This way what is inside your boxes isn’t advertised on the outside of your box. This is particularly useful if you are moving internationally where you have to have an inventory list for customs. But it is also helpful once you have arrived to your new home and need to find something in a box and don’t want to open twenty to just find a spoon.

PACK a small suitcase for toiletries, linens, and clothes that you’ll need the day after your move. This will save you from franticly digging through boxes to find underwear or shampoo. Also, keep snacks and water out so you have sustenance for the move.

HIRE someone to help! Don’t be a hero and try to do it all yourself. If the very idea of packing a box stresses you out, then hire professional movers or professional organizers to help you purge, pack, and unpack. Professional movers won’t purge, they pack everything (hence the packed trash can full of trash mentioned earlier). Professionals are here to help. This is what we do. Let us help you, help yourself!

I hope these tips and ideas are helpful. As always, if you have questions, do let me know. I’m here to help in any way that I can!

About the Author: Suzanne Holsomback is a professional organizer based out of Houston, TX. She specializes in working with clients who are disorganized due to illness or chronic health issues or care-giving responsibilities. She is a member of NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) and is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Check out Suzanne’s website at

Being a Conscious Gift Giver

(Note: Throughout November and December, I’ll be sharing posts from my organizing colleagues – kind of a Guest Organizer theme. Enjoy!)

Being a Conscious Gift Giver

by Lauren Mang of Let Me Organize It

I love giving gifts! In my younger years, I would buy little trinkets for friends whenever I would travel, so they’d know I was thinking about them. I spent way too much money on gifts that my friends and family might not have even kept or wanted. I didn’t realize it at the time, but what I was really gifting was clutter.

After getting involved in the professional organizing industry, I became even more conscious of the types of gifts I gave. This was only apparent after I started looking into my own collections and belongings, and realized I had a lot of stuff: things that people had bought for me, or I had bought for myself. Most of it wasn’t adding anything to my life, and in fact was creating clutter. I came to terms with the fact that while I loved the gestures behind the gifts (and of course the people who gave them), I didn’t always love the gifts themselves. I decided that if a gift wasn’t adding to my life, I would let it go. This new rule freed me from clutter, and allowed me to live with less. This is when I shifted my focus on givings gifts that people would truly want, love, need or use.

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Photo Courtesy of Lauren Mang

In today’s society, we are bombarded with messages of consumerism. We are urged to buy too much and over-fill our spaces. It’s no longer acceptable to give one gift, you must give an abundance of gifts to show you really care. Objects now define our identity more than ever before. We’re led to believe if we own certain brands or expensive items, we’ve made it; we’re somebody. This more benefits the economy than it does our individual lives. We’ve been tricked: living with more doesn’t make our lives better, it actually makes our lives more complicated. Objects don’t define our identity – our values, experiences and relationships do. But it’s hard to separate from ourselves from our stuff, and that’s why there are so many issues of hoarding, or cases where a psychiatrist is needed to help people let go of their physical belongings.

In the past, if I knew someone really loves pigs and had a collection of little pig statues, whenever I saw a pig statue or something similar, I would buy it for them, without hesitation. While some people like this and appreciate the gesture, I’ve come to realize others do not, but cannot say so due to fear of being ungrateful. Take my Hard Rock Guitar collection for example. The point of my collection was to highlight my travels across the globe. People then began to buy them for me on their travels, but they were from places I had never been. I loved the sincere thoughts behind these gifts, but the gifts didn’t quite fit into the scope of my collection. These are things we don’t think about when we’re buying gifts for others. This is what I mean by being a more conscious gift giver.

I’ve been told by several people that I should be a personal shopper, because I always think of great gift ideas. Maybe it’s a special talent, or maybe it’s a skill I’ve honed over the years. I’d like to think it has to do with being a conscious gift giver. This doesn’t mean just being thoughtful, but really thinking through if the gift is a good match for the intended gift-ee. Here’s how I put the theory into practice.

The other day I was in a car wash of all places, and saw one of those inspirational quotes on a mini-canvas that immediately made me think of my best friend. It was horse-themed and her birthday was coming up so I decided to buy it. I started thinking about her style and where she’d put it in her home, and I realized it was not a great gift for her at all. I knew she’d appreciate the gesture, but she wouldn’t have loved the object itself, nor would it have gone with her chic decor. I only want to give gifts that people love or will use; things that will add to that person’s life in a positive way. I don’t want to add to the clutter that weighs people down, simply because I had to give a gift.

So how else can we become conscious gift givers? One way is to lead by example. It’s rare for someone to ask you directly if there’s something you want (what are we so scared of?). My family does this so I tend to ask this question to friends and co-workers. Most people do not have a wish list, unless they are newly engaged and getting married. I created a ’Things I Want’ board on Pinterest and if people ever ask me what I want, I send them the link. I urge you to start a wish list: a lot of retail websites have them; you can do one on Pinterest; or you can try a site like People would much rather buy you something you actually want, so help them out.

I used to be against the idea of gifting money or gift cards, because it was so impersonal. But I realized that it makes perfect sense: let people buy what they want or need. Plus gift cards do not expire, and are re-giftable (or sellable) in the even the gift-ee doesn’t use/want it. Another great idea is to stop buying objects all together and start investing in experiences and relationships. People will never forget great experiences. And in this day and age, all people really want is time with you, and to be more specific, your undivided attention (put that cell phone down!). That is a true gift in itself!

My last bit of advice is to follow the rule of quality over quantity. It’s ok to just give one, small gift. This doesn’t mean you love the person less. Remember, it’s the gesture that matters, not so much the object itself. Keep it simple, and make sure it doesn’t break the bank. I used to spend too much money buying for others when I was struggling financially. Once I started consciously gifting, not only did I budget better, but the quality of the gifts I gave improved. I feel good about the gifts I now give, knowing people will really love them. And whenever possible, I give the gift of my time to people, creating lasting memories that take up no space at all!

About the Author:

As early as middle school, Lauren Mang was was helping friends clean and organize their bedrooms, much to their parents’ delight. These skills continued to be useful in college, and Lauren prided herself on being able to unpack and organize her dorm room or apartment in just one day.

In 2014, Lauren decided to start Let Me Organize It and work with clients full-time. She also assists other local professional organizers on team projects, and is a member of the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of NAPO. In May of 2015, Lauren was appointed Director of Marketing for the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of NAPO for the 2015-2016 term. Lauren assists clients all over the west coast, from Seattle to Palm Springs, Los Angeles and San Francisco. You can learn more at Let Me Organize It.

How to Create an Ideal Playroom

(Clutterninja Note: Throughout November and December, we’ll be hosting guest bloggers – colleagues of mine sharing their own perspectives and ideas on organizing. Kind of like ‘Guest Ninjas’! Enjoy!)

Creating an Ideal Playroom

by Kirsten Fisher, of Imagine Home Organization
Every parent can agree, kids collect limitless stuff.  There are toys, puzzles, art supplies, dolls, cars of every size, Play Doh, trains and games.  Everything seems to have a million pieces and for every “real” teacup, oven and lawn mower in your home, you probably have a small plastic version for the kids.  They collect junk, I mean “treasures”, and want to keep every piece of paper onto which they have ever scribbled a line as a masterpiece of art.   Yet with so much stuff, kids still complain “I’m bored, can I watch a show?”  Even the most organized parent can be left wondering how to contain the mess while providing a consistent array of stimulating activities to grow their minds and entertain their souls.

The ideal playroom can be a treat for kids and allow adults to reclaim other areas of the home.

  1. Start with a clean slate. Sort through all the above mentioned “treasures” and donate or throw away those items which are no longer age appropriate, are no longer used, are duplicates or just seem to offer little developmental value.  For kids under two, you can do this with them in the room.  Take out some toys a couple at a time to see what they use and what they ignore.  Swiftly remove ignored items and never put them in sight of the child again.  For older kids you can ask them what things are MOST important to them and explain they are giving the things that aren’t “their favorites” to kids who aren’t as lucky and don’t have so many toys.  Or for either age group, you may choose to quietly remove some things you know they don’t really need and think they won’t notice are gone.  I usually do a mix of both.
  2. Create categories. By creating customized categories such as dolls, moving vehicles, puzzles, art supplies, Legos, Play Doh and accessories, you can best assess what kind of storage is required.
  3. Create homes. Every category of toy needs a home.  Toys with a home are MUCH more likely to find their home at the end of a play session.  Younger kids need clear instructions for cleaning up and “all Legos must be in that basket before we can play a new game” is easier on the child and parents than “we need to get these Legos out of the way.”  Personally I like a combination of shelves, baskets and bins.  Items like Legos and other building blocks may need their own smaller bins while moving vehicles or dolls can all be stored in fairly large baskets.  Items that kids can access anytime can be placed on lower shelves while things you may want to restrict (ie paint, games with small pieces) can go on higher shelves.
  4. Get creative. The room should be fun and playful.  Let your kids choose the colors or an accent color if their choice is a bit too much of a commitment for you.  Paint is an inexpensive and dramatic change to any room whether on the wall or on the baskets.  Choose a dramatic rug that won’t show spilled marker, Play Doh or apple juice.   And don’t forget artwork – playful inspirations or your family masterpieces.
  5. Don’t forget function. Kids need a table for games, art and play.  Their ideal playroom should have one just their size.  Don’t forget your comfort and put in adult sized chairs for reading to kids or watching their play.  Try not to overwhelm the room with furniture and bins.  Kids need space to move around, imagine and bring out their toys.

About the Author:
In nearly 20 years of sport & entertainment marketing, Kirsten built brand equity, generated revenue growth, managed agencies, activated global sponsorships, supported charitable relationships, developed advertising campaigns, generated media value, managed staff on three continents, launched the Asia-Pacific corporate office of a global governing body and started her own business.  How did she accomplish all of this?  Organization and efficiency have been her greatest strengths.

She is now able to turn those strengths into assets for doing something she loves, home organization.  They also serve her well as a wife and the mother of two toddler boys.
In addition to her own organization experience, she is also a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers, has a certificate in Interior Design and Home Styling and is a member of the Business Council of Shorecrest Prep. in St. Petersburg, FL. You can learn more by visiting Imagine Home Organization.

Home for the Holidays Special is here!

Home for the Holidays

Our annual Home for the Holidays special is here! We’re offering a 4-hour organizing session for just $199.

This special is perfect for projects like:

  • Getting your pantry ready! Make entertaining and cookie-baking with kids more fun!
  • Whipping your guest room into shape! Make your guests feel welcomed and comfortable!
  • Clearing out clutter from your dining room! Enjoy serving your guests in comfort!
  • Setting up your holiday gift wrapping station!
  • Or even just finally finding out what it’s like to work with a professional organizer!

The Home for the Holidays special is open to both new and existing clients within a 20-mile radius of Suwanee, GA 30024. To book your appointment, please use our Contact Us page. Put ‘Home for the Holidays’ in the subject line.

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Your Home: Ready for the Holidays?

With only two weeks until Halloween, we’re getting ready to hit the holiday season full steam ahead. The holidays can be fun, but they can also be incredibly stressful. We have lots of extra errands and obligations on top of our everyday lives.

Preparation is absolutely essential to making sure your holiday is as enjoyable as possible. Here are 5 ways to get your home ready for the holidays!

home ready for the holidays

Photo Credit: Flickr User Channone Arlf

The Guest Room

  • Take a look around with objective eyes – would you want to stay there? Guest rooms are frequently neglected until right before guests arrive.
  • Are there any light bulbs that need to be replaced?
  • Ensure the bed has clean, fresh linens, plenty of pillows, and an extra blanket
  • Leave a few bottles of water and recent reading material for your guests
  • The best way to ensure the room is ready? Sleep in it yourself for a night or two! It’s amazing what you’ll notice.

The Guest Bath

  • Are you a collector of hotel toiletries or cosmetic samples? This is where you get to use them. Create a little basket full of extras – if your guests leave home without something, they don’t have to bother you at bedtime for toothpaste or face wash. This goes for women’s hygiene items as well!
  • Make sure that you stock the bathroom with fresh, clean towels that are in good condition.
  • If you’ve been holding onto an extra makeup mirror or blowdryer, set these up in the guest bath.

The Dining Room

  • Few of us use our formal dining room the way it was designed to be used. However, we do tend to use it for larger holiday gatherings.
  • Make sure that your dining table and chairs are in good working shape. If you have a separate children’s table, set this up a week ahead.
  • If you already have a headcount, make sure you have enough chairs to go around!
  • Make sure that your holiday table linens are clean, free of stains, and pressed, ready to go. You don’t want to have to wash or iron a large tablecloth the day of the event!
  • If you need to drop your expansion ‘leaf’ into your dining table, go ahead and do that now. Much easier than prying the men of the house away from the football game come Thanksgiving Day!
  • If you’re using silver, make sure those pieces are clean and polished well ahead of time.

Gift Wrap, Gift bags, & Supplies

  • Pull out all of your holiday gift wrap and really take an inventory. Most people are inundated with more gift wrap and gift bags than they could ever realistically use.
  • If you haven’t used that fundraiser gift wrap in the past, chances are you won’t ever use it. Donate it or recycle it.
  • Make sure you have enough of the supplies you generally run out of – Scotch tape, white tissue paper, and a good pair of dedicated scissors.

The Pantry

  • Even those of us who don’t cook frequently tend to do more over the holiday season. Preparing now will make the cooking and baking far more enjoyable.
  • If you bake over the holidays, make sure you have the key ingredients stocked and ready to go. These generally include vanilla extract, cream of tartar, baking powder and soda, brown and white sugar, etc.
  • Ever pulled out your cookie cutters to discover the metal ones are rusty, the plastic ones are misshapen, or otherwise just loved to death? Take a look now to avoid disappointment when your kids beg to make cookies.
  • Pull out and make sure your larger platters, serving dishes, etc. are in good condition and ready to use.

Are you in the Atlanta area and want a professional by your side to get your home ready for the holidays? We’re offering a limited time offer – 4 hours with the Clutterninja for just $200. Restrictions apply – click HERE to contact us for more information!

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What Legacy Are You Leaving?


Yesterday, as I was helping a client (we’ll call Jennifer) prepare for her mom’s estate sale. While going through her mom’s things, Jennifer ran across an entire box of old Christmas cards that her mom had saved over the decades. She immediately thought, ‘Why on earth would Mom save all of these old cards??’

Then, in the next moment, she realized that she was doing the exact same thing! The first thing she did once she got back to her own home? Pulled out her own box of old cards and tossed them into the trash! That was her ‘a-ha moment’, when she realized that her kids would have to spend weeks and months dealing with all of her stuff. She now wants to radically declutter now, instead of leaving the burden to her children.


Last week, Patricia asked for a consultation with me. As I always do at these meetings, I asked her what made her decide to call in a professional organizer. Patricia immediately responded that her grown children had desperately asked her to not leave the burden of decades of clutter for them to have to deal with upon her death.


Kristen had a heart-to-heart conversation with her father a few years ago. She tried to explain how important it was to begin to declutter his home, so that, on his passing,  her grief wouldn’t turn into frustration and anger at dealing with a lifetime of acquired belongings. He didn’t listen until one of his own friends told him that the worst thing he could do was to ‘leave all stuff for your girls to have to clean up.’ He’s since begun to slowly clear out some of the clutter.

What do Jennifer, Patricia, and Kristen have in common? They recognize the heavy toll that is having to spend weeks and months of sorting out a loved one’s belongings. We all have a legacy to pass along – let’s not let it be one mired in basements full of dusty, forgotten boxes. What legacy are you leaving for your kids?

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How to Prep your Closet for Fall & Winter!

How to Prep Your Closet for Fall & Winter

Here in Atlanta, we’ve been enjoying the first few days of incredibly beautiful fall weather. (For those outside of the deep South, we define fall as ‘below 85 degrees.’) And ask most women what they look forward to most about fall, and the answers always include ‘jeans! boots! sweaters!’  So in honor off our fall wardrobe favorites, here are 5 quick ways on how to prep your closet for fall and winter!

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These Boots are Made for Walkin’

  • Pull all of your cool weather shoes and boots out of storage.
  • Scan them for any needed repairs – new soles, a zipper might need replacing, new heel tips, etc.
  • This is also the perfect time to get some weather-proofing spray to protect your suede shoes (I really like Kiwi Suede Protector).
  • Make sure to also polish your leather boots. This not only gives them extra shine, but it helps protect them from nicks, scratches, and scuffs.  I use this Leather Care Kit, also from Kiwi. (No, this isn’t an ad, they just make great products).
  • Lastly, create a home near your door, in your hall closet, or at your launch pad to leave shoes when they’re wet from rain, snow, or other nasty weather. Remember to use a boot tray to protect your floors!

Scarves, Gloves, & Hats – oh my!

  • Gather your scarves, gloves, and winter hats
  • For leather gloves, check for any cracking in the leather
  • For knits, check for any moth holes, fraying, or unraveling
  • Toss all of your cotton accessories in the wash
  • Dry clean all of your more delicate items like wool scarves and cashmere gloves
  • Create a home for them in your entryway – be careful of rustic baskets, though. They can pick and pull your knit items

Baby, It’s Getting Cold Outside – Grab a Coat!

  • Check for any needed repairs – a missing or loose button, a hole in your pocket, etc.
  • Cotton coats might be able to machine washed at home
  • Dry clean your woolens, cashmere, and other more delicate items
  • Coats need sturdy hangers – these molded wooden ones will help keep your coat’s shape!

Cozy, cozy Sweaters!

  • Check for any moth holes, loose buttons, fraying or unraveling
  • Dry clean your sweaters if you didn’t at the end of last winter. Not only will you get clean, fresh sweaters, but moths and other nasties are attracted to the sweat and oils your body leaves on these items.
  • Most sweaters generally retain their shape better if they’re stored folded. Lighter knits may fare okay on hangers.

Baby, Bye! Bye! Bye! – Your Summer Stuff

  • Gather up all of your swimsuits, cover-ups, and other summer items.
  • Wash or dry clean as necessary
  • Check for needed repairs
  • Now is the perfect time to purge, by the way. If you never wore it this summer, what’s the chance you will next year??

Have any questions on how to prep your closet for fall? Hit us up in the comments!

Purge the Periodicals ~ #FiveMinuteFriday

Purge the Periodicals ~ #FiveMinuteFriday

Southern Living. Glamour. Vogue. O, the Oprah Magazine. And, yes, even Real Simple. The average magazine subscription in the U.S. is just shy of $30.00. Not bad for twelve months of content. Assuming, of course, that you’re actually reading that magazine. Let me guess, between managing a household, raising kids, volunteering, and holding down a job, the idea of spending an hour lounging in a chair, leisurely drinking coffee, and flipping through the latest issue of Coastal Living is a pipedream. Sound familiar?

So, you don’t have time to read them, you’re paying for them, AND they’re cluttering up your home? Maybe it’s time to purge the periodicals.

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For this #FiveMinuteFriday, take a look at the stack of magazines you’re paying for but don’t have time to read. Choose one, and cancel your subscription. Here a few links to get you started:

Southern Living – Cancel My Subscription

Glamour – Cancel My Subscription

O, the Oprah Magazine –  Cancel My Subscription

Real Simple – Cancel My Subscription

Do you have magazines and other periodicals going unread and cluttering up your home?

Kids and Laundry ~ #ThinkAboutIt Thursday

Kids and Laundry ~ #ThinkAboutIt Thursday

Ah, yes. Kids and laundry. I’ve yet to meet a parent who doesn’t struggle with keeping up with the wash, but especially making sure that the dirty laundry actually gets washed! Sadly, it doesn’t jump in the laundry basket by itself.

So. Having said that, a few things to think about. These are a few questions I’ve gotten from friends and clients, and I’ll share my solutions as well.

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How cute is this Honey Can Do hamper from Target?

#1: Want it Washed? Hamper It!

I’ve shared one of my laundry tricks before, but it’s basically this. I’ll be happy to wash any dirty clothes, provided they are actually IN a hamper. Period. No digging through a lacrosse bag for dirty, sweaty socks. No picking up clothes and damp towels off of the floor. If they’re not in the hamper, they don’t get washed. And it’s worked! Are there still some dirty clothes on her bedroom floor? Yep. Who’s problem is that? Not mine. It may sound harsh, but if we buy, wash, dry, and fold their clothes, the least they can do (assuming they’d like them cleaned) is to toss them into a hamper at the end of the day.

#2: Actually Having a Hamper!

It sounds too simple to mention, but do your kids’ rooms even have hampers? A client asked me once how to get her kids to stop tossing their clothes onto the floor. I asked her where their hampers were located. She blushed, stammered, and then realized that they were never given hampers in the first place! So, of course, the clothes ended up on the floor! If you need a new hamper, check out Target’s great selection.

kids and laundry

Love this guy!

#3: Location, Location, Location!

Sometimes we get stuck in a mindset and just do things without thinking through the why of it. Maybe you’ve always kept your hamper in the closet because your childhood hamper was in the closet. But think about other options that may actually work better. If your kids are always leaving clothes on the bathroom floor because they undress there before their bath, consider making room for the hamper in the bathroom. Even having one in both locations might be the right solution for you!

What’s your biggest challenge with your kids and laundry? Share in the comments, and we’ll be sure to help you out!