30Day Challenge: Day 22 ~ Emotional Clutter

We don’t often talk about it here, but maybe we should. Today’s project area is emotional clutter. We all have it. It could be guilt, unrealistic expectations,  a mistake you made years ago but can’t forgive yourself.

Whatever your emotional clutter, let it go.

Do you really want to make a Kroger run feeling like this?

Do you really want to make a Kroger run feeling like this?

30Day Challenge: Week 3 Recap!

3 weeks down, 1 week to go! Here’s a recap of all of our daily challenges from week 3!

Day 15 ~ Utensils

Day 16 ~ Picture Frames

Day 17 ~ Haircare Products

Day 18 ~ Summer Clothes

Day 19 ~ Kids’ Shoes

Day 20 ~ All Those Spices

Day 21 ~ Books

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30Day Challenge: Day 21 ~ Books

This category is really hard for a lot of people. They hold the promise of information and, depending on topic, the promise of a better career, a stronger marriage, better behaved kids.

But all of us have some books gathering dust that are either outdated, that we never read, or that we’re never going to read again. And that’s okay if you have room. But if you don’t…

Take time with this one, if books are a sore subject. Really look at each one individually and ask yourself why you’re holding onto it. My personal rule of thumb is if I can honestly say that there is more than a 50% chance of me reading that book, it’s a keeper. If I haven’t done so a year from now, it’s time to let go. And with many of the local libraries partnering with Amazon, I can access a lending library on Kindle for free!

So take a chunk of time today, and look at your books!

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30Day Challenge: Day 20 ~ All Those Spices!

So far in the kitchen, we’ve talked about utensils, food storage containers, travel cups. This Saturday morning, let’s tackle another hot spot – spices!

Day 20 ~ All Those Spices!

Clear out that drawer or cabinet and get all of your spices together. Really think about how you cook and what spices you use. While spices don’t technically ‘go bad’, they do definitely lose their strength and pungency over time – particularly dried herbs like basil and oregano.

Now, pull aside any spices that you just never use, those you bought for that one new recipe that you won’t make again, and any that you might have purchased when your high school aged kids were in elementary school.

I worked with a friend once to organize her kitchen. I noticed she was writing down all of the spices that were quite old and I asked her why. ‘So I can buy new ones, duh!’  If you use them so rarely that they’ve aged out, why go out and replace them? That’s your spice drawer telling you that you don’t need those.

Note: The new Sprouts stores have bulk herbs and spices – only need a tablespoon of something? Only buy a tablespoon! Great resource for those spices you only use once or twice a year!

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30Day Challenge: Day 19 ~ Kids’ Shoes

Hey, it’s Friday, so this should be a fairly easy one! Plus, we just did our own shoes a few days ago on Day 14, right?

Day 19 ~ Kids’ Shoes

If they’re spread throughout the house, first gather them all up. Grab a sturdy shopping bag or trash bag and pull out any outgrown pairs, shoes without a match, pairs that have definitely seen better days, sports shoes for sports the kids are no longer playing.

This is the perfect time to assess if your kid(s) need any new shoes for the fall/winter, or if they’re good to go!

Pop the bag of shoes into your car, and find the closest Goodwill!


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30Day Challenge: Day 18 ~ Summer Clothes

At least here in Atlanta, we’ve had a few cooler days, and October is less than two weeks away. Let’s talk summer clothes.

Day 18 ~ Summer Clothes

This is the perfect time, like we did with shoes, to assess our warm weather wardrobe. Pull out any items that you didn’t wear, that no longer fit, that have fallen into disrepair, or especially, items that simply don’t make you feel good! Those white pants that have gone from crisp and bright to worn and dingy? Those go, too. Those items that are still in good, usable condition can go to Goodwill or another charitable organization of your choosing.

Now, come next spring, you’ll have only what you love, wear, and feel great in!

Bring on fall!

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30Day Challenge: Day 17 ~ Haircare Products

C’mon ladies (and gents)! We all have ‘em…

Day 17 ~ Haircare Products

Those deep conditioners that your hair didn’t respond to, the styling products that didn’t turn your hair into Connie Britton’s. We’ve all been there. But we don’t have to make the mistake of making our bathroom look like an ULTA store after a big sale!

Grab a trash bag, and go to your bathroom. Pull out all of the products that you no longer need, didn’t work for you, smell weird, you name it. You just got bathroom space back. Nice!

Note: any products that have never been used would be very welcome at your local women’s shelter, Ronald McDonald house, etc!

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30Day Challenge: Day 16 ~ Picture Frames

Maybe because they’re inexpensive, maybe it’s the promise of beautiful images framed throughout your home, but unused picture frames are a very common kind of clutter.

Day 16 ~ Picture Frames

These are usually hiding in almost every drawer and cabinet they can be tucked into. Some have had their easel backs broken over time, some were bought but never used, some just reflect a home decor style from years past. Whatever the reason, go through your house and pull out all of the tucked away picture frames.

Toss or recycle all of the broken ones, consider donating the ones that no longer reflect your style. Take a serious look at the ones you’ve never used. Why haven’t you? If you really love them, make it a priority to use them – set a date and a realistic period of time to do so.

If you’re not really excited about this one, set a timer, rock some upbeat music, and GO!

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30Day Challenge ~ Week 2 Recap!

We’re halfway through the 30Day Challenge, ninjas! I’ve heard from a few of you throughout the past two weeks, and I’ve loved hearing about your successes!

It’s never too late to start, so in case you’re just joining us or if you’ve just missed a day, here is a recap of Week 2!

Day 8 ~ Jewelry

Day 9 ~ Pet Toys

Day 10 ~ Old Greeting Cards

Day 11 ~ Medicine Cabinet

Day 12 ~ Travel Cups & Water Bottles

Day 13 ~ Kids’ Toys

Day 14 ~ Your Shoe Collection

If you missed the Week 1 Recap, it’s right here!

30Day Challenge: Day 15 ~ Kitchen Utensils

The utensils seem to be one of the most frustrating categories in the kitchen – so much little stuff~ Add in a Pampered Chef party or two, and you have cantaloupe spoons and shrimp deveiners coming out of your ears! So off we go!

Day 15 ~ Kitchen Utensils

A little bit of tough love on the utensils. Most people seem really hesitant to rid themselves of utensils – they just seem so darn useful! And they can be – IF they fit into your current style of cooking. But almost all of us have utensils that simply made their way into our house and haven’t been used in years. That shrimp deveiner, the melon baller, the stainless steel ‘soap bar’ that eliminates the onion smell from your hands.

If you don’t purge your utensils, you’re getting frustrated, wasting time, digging in a drawer past things you never use to find what you do use. What’s the good in that??

Step 1: Pull all of them out of that drawer.

Step 2: Put aside any utensils you don’t use often enough (to be determined by your comfort level).

Step 3: Wipe out the drawer.

Step 4: Use dividers if you’d like, even old checkbook boxes work well for this, and put back only the ‘keepers’.

Step 5: If there is a category that you want to keep, but don’t use often, consider finding them a different home. For example, I rarely bake outside of the holiday season. So that baking utensils don’t get in my way the rest of the year, I keep them in a clear shoebox on the top shelf of my pantry beside the baking ingredients like flour, baking powder, etc.

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