30Day Challenge: Voila, we are DONE!

We are DONE! 30 days, 30 areas decluttered. For so many people, it’s figuring out how and where to start working on their home – this challenge was designed to help with that! Thank you to everyone who followed along, and shared your progress, successes, and challenges.

If you’ve missed a day here or there, or you want to do the 30Day Challenge on your own, here’s a recap of the entire program. Until next time!

Day 1 ~ Board & Video Games

Day 2 ~ Junk Mail

Day 3 ~ Cosmetics

Day 4 ~ Cleaning Supplies

Day 5 ~ Kids’ Books

Day 6 ~ Gift Wrap, Ribbons, & Bags

Day 7 ~ Plastic Food Storage

Day 8 ~ Jewelry

Day 9 ~ Pet Toys

Day 10 ~ Old Greeting Cards

Day 11 ~ Medicine Cabinet

Day 12 ~ Travel Cups & Water Bottles

Day 13 ~ Kids’ Toys

Day 14 ~ Shoes

Day 15 ~ Kitchen Utensils

Day 16 ~ Picture Frames

Day 17 ~ Haircare Products

Day 18 ~ Summer Clothes

Day 19 ~ Kids’ Shoes

Day 20 ~ All Those Spices

Day 21 ~ Books

Day 22 ~ Emotional Clutter

Day 23 ~ Junk Drawer

Day 24 ~ Paint

Day 25 ~ Scarves, Mittens, & Hats

Day 26 ~ Workout & Sports Gear

Day 27 ~ T-shirts

Day 28 ~ Hangers

Day 29 ~ Cookbooks


30Day Challenge: Day 29 ~ Cookbooks

You can do this one while the coffee brews!

Day 29 ~ Cookbooks

Take a long, hard look. Whip out any cookbooks that you just never used or don’t use anymore. Was it a well-intentioned gift? The remains of a fad now long past? An old diet? Whatever the reason, the result is the same. They’re taking up space you could use for things that you do use!

I had a client a year or so ago who was struggling with letting go of her Southern Living cookbook collection. She knew she never used them – she had even moved them into her master closet! I finally asked her, ‘If  you let go of these, what’s the worst thing that could happen?’ She thought and responded, ‘I’d have more room in my closet.’


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30Day Challenge: Day 28 ~ Hangers

Don’t make me go all ‘Mother Dearest’ on you, ninjas.  We all have extra hangers, a fair number of which are probably those bent, slightly rusty ones from the dry cleaners.

Day 28 ~ Hangers

Make an honest assessment of how many extra hangers you need. Now, go to every single closet in the house and pull out the hangers you’d never give to a houseguest. The drycleaning hangers, those old brittle plastic ones, those horribly difficult-to-use ones that come with infant clothing. Grab ‘em all and toss them right into the recycling bin. Don’t forget the coat closets!

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30Day Challenge: Day 27 ~ Tshirts

Ah, the t-shirt drawer. Every marathon run? Get a t-shirt. Every charity event? Get a t-shirt. Kids events are even worse – we have a t-shirt from every lacrosse clinic ever attended, even it it was only for a few hours.

Day 27 ~ Tshirts

Take all of your t-shirts out. Set aside any that are just too stained, stretched out, shrunken, or have holes – these are great to cut into fours to use as cleaning rags for your home or car. In another pile, set aside those are in good, wearable condition that you don’t ever seem to choose to wear – it fits strangely, not your favorite color, a style you no longer enjoy wearing, the wrong size. Donate those to Goodwill or the charity of your choice.

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30Day Challenge: Day 26 ~ Workout & Sports Gear

This category is really one that we need to be brutally honest with ourselves. You know what they say about good intentions….

Day 26 ~ Workout & Sports Gear

Wherever you keep yours, whether it be in the garage, the guest room, wherever, drag all your workout stuff out into the open. Really take a good, hard look. Then pull aside any gear that hasn’t been used in months, that’s never been used, or if it’s your kids’ stuff, if it’s outgrown or needs replacing.

That pricey yoga mat that you swore you’d use every morning? How about that jump rope that’s mangled and tangled? Or, how about those 6 Zumba DVDs that you’ve had for over a year but are still in the shrink-wrap? If you haven’t used them by now….

Like I said, this one takes some really self-awareness and honesty. But I know you can do it!

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30Day Challenge: Day 25 ~ Scarves, Mittens, & Hats

The chill is (finally) in the air – fall has arrived!

Day 25 ~ Scarves, Mittens, & Hats

This also means that we’ll be reaching for scarves, mittens, and warm hats before we know it. Take a few minutes today to round up all of these necessities, and assess what needs to stay, go, or be replaced.

Toss any gloves or mittens who’ve lost their pair. Pull aside and donate any items that your kids have outgrown or that you feel need replacing. Once you’re in good shape, go ahead and make sure that they’re stationed where it makes sense in your house – we’ll need them sooner than later!


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30Day Challenge: Day 24 ~ Old Paint

Day 24 ~ Paint Cans

This is a question I get asked about by a lot of people – clients and friends alike! Most of us keep those partial gallon cans of paint, sure that we’ll use the rest to retouch a wall, slap on a fresh coat, whatever. However, my experience with many of us see the need for repainting as a need to redecorate – at least to change up your wall color. Which leaves you with, even.more.paint.cans. Oy!

The good news is that disposing of paint responsibly has gotten significantly easier over the past years. The vast majority of sanitation providers allow you to dispose of old paint in your regular household trash, with one huge caveat – the paint must be uncovered and completely dried out. Here’s the trick: buy the cheapest kitty litter you can find, add a cup or so to each paint can, stir. Within usually an hour, the paint will be completely absorbed into the kitty litter, and BOOM, you can toss it in the trash.

So pop on down to your basement, into your garage or workshop, and get rid of that old stinky paint!

Angove Paint Crop

30Day Challenge: Day 23 ~ Junk Drawer

There are a few varying opinions on junk drawers. (And yes, even professional organizers have them!) I’m of the opinion that it’s not really worth putting a ton of time into creating this beautifully stocked, compartmentalized junk drawer. I mean, it’s a JUNK drawer! But if yours is getting out of hand, this one’s for you!

First thing I’d do is pull everything out. Trash any expired batteries, old crunchy rubber bands, and general crud like loose safety pins, paper clips, and the like. Those things are so inexpensive to replace that it’s not worth your time to organize those guys.

In the photo below, I just did a ‘quick and dirty’ resort by category – officey stuff, batteries, and loose change. I just used leftover food storage containers for ‘organizers’. Spend no more than 15 or so minutes, and be done.


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30Day Challenge: Day 22 ~ Emotional Clutter

We don’t often talk about it here, but maybe we should. Today’s project area is emotional clutter. We all have it. It could be guilt, unrealistic expectations,  a mistake you made years ago but can’t forgive yourself.

Whatever your emotional clutter, let it go.

Do you really want to make a Kroger run feeling like this?

Do you really want to make a Kroger run feeling like this?

30Day Challenge: Week 3 Recap!

3 weeks down, 1 week to go! Here’s a recap of all of our daily challenges from week 3!

Day 15 ~ Utensils

Day 16 ~ Picture Frames

Day 17 ~ Haircare Products

Day 18 ~ Summer Clothes

Day 19 ~ Kids’ Shoes

Day 20 ~ All Those Spices

Day 21 ~ Books

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