Clean up your room, young lady!

Clean up your room, young lady! clean up your room, Calm organized bedroom

Today, May 10, is Clean Up Your Room Day. (It also happens to be National Shrimp Day, and falls in National Motorcycle Month, but I digress.) If we’re parents, we often tell our kids this, but when is the last time you really looked at your own bedroom?

Here a few quick and painless steps to help turn your bedroom into an oasis of calm. Goodness knows we need it!

  • Clear the floor! Shoes go back into the closet, toss dirty laundry into the hamper, books and magazines find a home on a bookshelf or nightstand.
  • We’re a ‘no kids in the master bedroom’ home, but if you’re not, return any toys and kid stuff to the kids’ rooms.
  • Give your nightstands some love. They really should only hold what you need at bedtime – whatever you’re currently reading, your alarm, hand lotion, tissues. These you can keep in a compartmentalized drawer or in a nice basket.
  • If possible, clear anything out of the room that might disrupt a sense of relaxation and calm. For example, feng shui experts say to keep anything work or financially related out of the bedroom.
  • Add something green and alive! Even something as simple as an aloe plant or lucky bamboo will help clean the air and add a sense of calm.
  • Lastly, fresh clean sheets and a vacuum. Even if you have no time for anything else, a freshly made bed and a quick vacuum will make the room look and feel cleaner and fresher!


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