Holiday Decorations ~ What goes up, must come down…

Holiday Decorations ~ What goes up, must come down…

holiday decorations

Look/feel familiar? I think at some point, all of us have been able to identify with this image of post-holiday slump. I know of few people who enjoy undecorating the house and putting away all of the holiday decorations. I’ve just spent the past two days with a client filtering through, organizing, and storing her large collection of holiday decorations.  Here a few ideas to help make it less stressful!

  • Holiday Lights: The goal is to keep each strand wrapped separately, so putting them up next year will be a snap. Use what you have! Roll up a magazine or section of newspaper, even an empty paper towel tube, and wrap a strand of lights around it. Repeat with each strand, each on a different ‘tube.
  • Ornaments: Nice holiday ornaments are getting more expensive each year. Invest in the proper container for storing those ornaments so they last from year to year. The Container Store has a fantastic Ornament Container that I highly recommend.
  • Holiday-themed kitchen items: Santa dishtowels, holiday plates, any holiday-specific needs to be stored together. Make sure to wrap any fragile items and pack them near the top of your storage bin.
  • Take a few moments now to assess if you need to toss or donate any holiday decorations. If you didn’t use it this year, will you use it next year? If not, do you really want to invest time and space storing it?

If you decorate in several rooms, this tip will probably be the most helpful. Keep each room’s holiday decorations boxed together and stored together, i.e. ‘Holiday Kitchen Decor’, ‘Holiday Living Room Decor’, ‘Holiday Dining Room Decor’, etc. And clearly labeled!  So next year, as you pull out your holiday bins, you’ll have made it quick and easy to decorate each room  AND put it all away after the holidays are over.

Have you found/created different ways of keeping your holiday stuff organized? Feel free to share in the comments! And happy New Year!

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