I love what I do ~ How many people can say THIS?

I love what I do ~ How many people can say THIS?

I’ve had a few clients who have mentioned that it’s very obvious I love what I do. And they’re right! So I thought I’d share just a few reasons why I love what I do.


  • Instant gratification! Even with larger multi-session projects, my clients and I can always see instant results after each session. One client was amazed that we filled my car with 12 bags of toys to donate to Goodwill.  It’s a fantastic feeling knowing that I’ve helped, and they’re always thrilled and feeling like a load has been lifted off their shoulders.
  • Every day is different! Different projects, different clients, different challenges! No project is the same. And that makes it fun.
  • I love travel and love learning about new cultures, and I’ve been able to continue that with my clients. I’ve worked with all different kinds of families, varying cultures, you name it. I’ve learned the challenges some of my less traditional families face,
  • But first and foremost, I love my clients! Even with the most hesitant clients, we almost always end up laughing and enjoying the process.

So to my clients, thanks for allowing me to help and for making a cool job even cooler!

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