Introducing the ‘On My Own’ Package for DIYers!

Helping people is one of the things I love most about being a professional organizer. And I realize that not everyone can afford the traditional, by-the-hour, one-on-one organizing model. So a goal of mine has been to come up with a product to help those people who either can’t afford that traditional model or want to learn how to get organized on their own. Ta-daaa!

Introducing our ‘On My Own’ Package, which includes:

  • 60-90 minute in-home consultation to discuss your goals and challenges for 1-2 rooms
  • Customized Organizing Action Plan, specific to you. No more wondering where to start, how to categorize.
  • Personalized Product recommendations, including re-purposing your existing containers, when possible.
  • Donation/Disposal Resource list, customized for your area
  • Copy of our ‘Want More Time? Here are 50 Tips to Get It‘ Tipsheet
  • Subscription to our quarterly e-newsletter, the Ninja News
  • A 8×10 color ‘Before Photo’
  • 1 hour of phone/Skype/e-mail support from us
  • 30-day Accountability Check-up Call

This package has what I consider to be the main ingredients for a successful outcome – a clear plan to follow, a support system throughout the process, and a bit of external accountability.

The ‘On My Own’ Package is priced at $175.00, paid at arrival for the consultation. For one room, this could be a savings of over $600!

For more information or to purchase this package, please give us a call or shoot us an email!


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