Memento Storage ~ 5 Steps to Regaining Control of your Kid’s Mementos

Memento Storage

Almost every parent I know is at wit’s end trying to come up with a way to control, curb, and collect their kid’s neverending stream of schoolwork, artwork, craft projects. Regain control! Here are 5 easy steps for memento storage and organizing.

  1. Get your kids involved. I love that the client’s kids I work with have very specific ideas of what they like, want to keep, and what they treasure.
  2. Keep the best of the best. Your child will not require intensive therapy when she discovers you didn’t keep every single finger-painting and every single pasta necklace from preschool. I promise!
  3. Leave room for growth – look for a memento storage system that has enough room for the rest of their time at home. Expandable files are great for schoolwork, as you can assign one tab for each grade.
  4. Label it and be specific enough that you can easily tell what’s in the container without having to look through it. You can do this by age range, grade range, however it makes sense to you.
  5. Store it in a SAFE place! So many clients have been saddened to find precious family mementos destroyed by lack of care in memento storage. Photos melt in heat, plastic dries out, yellows, and warps, clothing mildews and mold. Your attic and non-climate controlled basement are the worst places for most items.

Memento Storage Rule: If it’s worth saving, it’s worth taking the time to preserve and store it safely.


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  1. these are great tips!!

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